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These are the pets of Donald and Betty of Geneva, Florida. We live on five acres of land (which we call "Bad Acres") in the middle of the woods, so it is an excellent place for animals! We hope you enjoy meeting our pets and reading the story of how they came to live with us.  
       Our precious Andrew! 
       Andrew passed away the first part of 2002, and we sure miss him.  He was Don's best cat. 

Andrew came to us from a veterinarian's office. He was a stray and was advertised in the newspaper. When our son and I saw him in his little cage where he was kept, we liked him right away. We have had him since February 1994. He has a very unique personality, and talks all the time. He weighed about 12 pounds when we got him and he now weighs about 17 pounds and is around 6 years old now. He answers to the nickname of Boo-Boo, which developed over the years. We really enjoy him and have given him a wonderful home in the country! He seems very comfortable and content with us!  
        Sweet Fluffy!   (Has passed)

Fluffy is one of a litter of 5 kittens born to our cat "Princess" on June 29, 1995. Shortly after birth, I noticed that "Fluffy" was part Siamese and decided to keep her. There was one other kitten in the litter that was part Siamese, but I felt a definite attachment to Fluffy. We live in the middle of the woods and Fluffy and her mother spent a lot of time outdoors when she was young. When Fluffy was 5 months old, she was bitten on the face by something very poisonous (we aren't sure if it was a spider or snake, but most likely a spider). She was in the vet clinic for six days and almost died. As a result of the poisonous bite, she lost all of the skin and hair on her face. It has been 2 1/2 years since she was bitten and she is still recovering. Of course her skin grew back as the old skin was falling off, but she still hasn't gotten all of the hair back on her face. Her left eye was affected the most from the bite--she hasn't been able to close it completely because of the crusty skin around it, but it still shows slow improvement. She does have her sight in both eyes. Bless her heart... she has been through a lot, but it hasn't seemed to bother her much. She is a very sweet and lovable kitty and we love her!  

Fluffy at 6 months old. (Has passed)  

Princess!  (Has passed)

Princess is the mother of Fluffy, and also a stray. She hopped off of a circus train (we think) by our shop and our son took care of her. Eventually (as I was afraid of), she made it to our home and never left. At the time we already had Andrew and he didn't like other cats at all! So at first we kept Princess in the barn, but as time went on, she made her way to the house. There were cat fights at first, but Andrew slowly accepted her. We had planned on getting her spayed, but didn't get it done before she became pregnant. She gave birth on June 29, 1995 to six kittens (one was still born), one of which was Fluffy--and you know her story. Princess and Fluffy are like two peas in a pod, they pretty much stick together. Princess is our only lap cat and is very lovable, but doesn't have the personality that Andrew and Fluffy have--we love her just the same!   Princess passed away, and we miss her.  We still have her daughter, Fluffy!  

Princess and Fluffy!  (Both have passed)  

Dutchess!   (Has passed)

We bought Dutchess November 1994 when she was five years old.  She is a Buckskin colored mare quarter horse standing 14.2 hands.  She is a good riding horse, although we don't ride her much anymore.  So, if you want to brave it, come ride her!  She and Sugar, our Granddaughter's pony, get along just fine!  


We bought Sugar for our granddaughter, Candace, Christmas 1995. She was really excited when she saw her the first time. Sugar is very gentle and good with the kids. At first Candace was a little afraid to ride her, but she was only 5 years old then. She rides Sugar now, but not all that often, as they live about 40 miles from us. We board Sugar for her, as they don't live where they can have animals.  


Of course, we can't forget our "Blackie!"  He is actually a stray that thinks this is his home, and, I guess it is since we feed him and he is always around!  We have had several strays that we have fed since we have lived here in the woods, but they eventually stop coming because they are killed or die of a disease, but Blackie has been around the longest and seems to be in good health now since he is getting fed regularly.  He is the only stray that has let us pet him, although he is still a little uneasy at times.  We haven't seen him for quite awhile and think he passed away.


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