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Betty's 2016 Z06 Corvette Convertible!

  My 2016 Corvette Z06 Convertible that I love better than the ones I've had before!

Betty's 2014 Stingray Coupe Corvette!

(SOLD)  My Beautiful new "2014" Blade Silver Stingray Coupe Corvette purchased 10-29-2013!  (SOLD)
I love it!

My new 2010 Grand Sport Vette!
My "2010" Yellow Grand Sport Convertible with a Black Top (SOLD), and my 2007 SSR yellow Convertible! 

NOTE:  My "2010" Yellow Grand Sport Convertible
was Traded-in on 10-29-2013
for my new "2014 Blade Silver Stingray Coupe!"


SOLD2007 Silver Convertible Vette Sold!SOLD
 My 2007 Silver Corvette Convertible with black top
sold and picked up on August 15, 2009! 
The new owner is a member of our "CFCA" Corvette Club, and I'll be seeing it often.
Betty ready for CFCA's 2013 Christmas Party!
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Hi!  My name is Betty, as you might have already guessed. 
I live in Geneva, Florida with my husband, Donald, and our animals. 
We live on five acres of land in the middle of the woods.
Geneva is about 30 miles Northeast of Orlando (the home of Mickey Mouse).
We have owned and operated a structural steel business in Orlando
since September 1989.  I enjoy creating greeting cards and t-shirts
ow on my computer.  I also like experimenting with my digital camera and scannner.

This is a picture of the New River Gorge Bridge located in Fayette County,
West Virginia near Beckley.  It is the Longest Steel Arch in the World spanning 1,700
with a 370' rise, and is the second highest bridge in the United States, 876 feet
(325' higher than the Washington Monument).  The total length of bridge is 3,030.
I snapped this picture with my digital camera in July 1998 enroute to my Family Reunion
in Summersville, West Virginia, where I was born. 
This is an awesome sight and worth the trip to see it.

Save the wave!

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Pick-up photos of Betty's sold 2007 Silver Vette!

Ashe family at North Pole!
The "Ashe" family at North Pole!

Brandee and Cody at Great-Grandma's 90th Birthday Party!
Our grandchildren, Brandee and Cody
at the Great-grandma's 90th Birthday Party!

Deer with his fawns in our back field!
The deer with her fawns in our back field, that we see
quite often - they lay in our yard from time-to-time!
We sure enjoy seeing them!

Me with my mom, dad and siblings!
This picture is my parents and siblings!

Moon 2008!
My  photo of the moon taken October 15 2008!

Bald Eagle!
One of my favorite Bald Eagles pictures!



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